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About Us

Tight Joints Plus has been researched and in the process of development for over 17 years. The original version was called Tight Joints MSM/Complex. Our users had much success with the original version over the years but we wanted to create a product that offered even more. A product geared toward the performance horse. The result was Tight Joints Plus, not only a joint supplement but also a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Tight Joints Plus is helping manage some of the most severe lameness issues such as Arthritis, Ring bone, Side bone, Navicular issues, soft tissue, along with many other soundness issues.

The creator of Tight Joints Plus, Tony Loften, is a horseman with 30 plus years of experience with race  and barrel racing horses. Tony was not looking to create a product  for retail, he wanted a product that would work on his own horses, without having to turn to the vet every time he needed a joint issue or pain issue treated. He had tried many joint products that claimed to treat joint issues without success. He knew it was time there was a joint supplement on the market that not only treated minor joint issues but also severe issues and overall made horses feel better. Tight Joints Plus was an idea to take your everyday joint supplements,  natural pain relieving supplements,  HA supplements, and combine it all together as one, with amounts of each ingredient that would make a difference. Not only will our supplement manage pre-existing conditions, it will also prevent future damage by taking the pain and inflammation out on a daily basis.

Tight Joints Plus has been on the market since February 2012, the success stories of what this product  has done for so many horses, as well as dogs, are more than anyone could have imagined. We believe in this product 100%, not only for your horse but for our own. Trust in our equine joint and pain management supplement for lameness issues, and we'll show you just what your horse is capable of.

Help your horses feel their best again with equine joint supplements from Tight Joints Plus. Based in Auburn, Washington, we specialize in horse joint supplements and ship our natural pain relief products to customers across the U.S.

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