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For Dogs

For Dogs

After many years of successfully managing healthy joints in horses many of our customers and veterinarian user started using the horse version on their dogs. Users saw the same great results in their dogs as they did with their horses. We decided that we needed to make a dog version that was simple to dose. We used the same ingredients as the Tight Joints PLUS for horses; the only difference is the dosage.  Many veterinarians are now using it as a common therapy for their canine patients to manage inflammation caused by daily wear and tear.

Glucosamine (HCI & Sulfate) 500 mg Devils Claw 25 mg
MSM 250 mg Copper 10 mg
Ascorbic Acid 400 mg Hyaluronic Acid 7.5 mg
Shark Cartilage 50 mg Manganese 7.5 mg
Boswellin 50 mg Vitamin E .5 mg
Yucca 50 mg
Analysis is based on 1 scoop per 20 lbs. Give 1 scoop for each 20lbs of weight. The Tight Joints Plus for dogs contains 250 scoops.