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Show Formula

We want to be able to help horses in every discipline and level of competition. We realize with certain types of shows and competitions comes restrictions to what you can give your horse.  With this in mind we designed the Show Formula to meet the USEF guidelines. We removed the Devil’s Claw and increased the amount of MSM. Whether you want to provide your horse with the Gold Formula year round or give the Original Tight Joints PLUS the majority of the time and switch to the Gold Formula before the show season, we have made it possible to keep your horse feeling its best while abiding by the USEF rules.

White Horse
Glucosamine (HCI & Sulfate) 10,000 mg Yucca 1,000 mg
MSM 5,500 mg Copper 200 mg
Ascorbic Acid 8,000 mg Hyaluronic Acid 150 mg
Shark Cartilage 1,000 mg Manganese 150 mg
Boswellin 1,000 mg Vitamin E 10 mg