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Brenna Loften

As the daughter of the maker of Tight Joints PLUS some people will listen to my testimonials and some people won't but I assure you I am not making these stories up. The reason Tight Joints PLUS was made was because as a competitor myself I was spending a ton of money to help my horses with joint issues. We were trying to put a product together that helped cut the cost but also helped make my horses feel their best. I am a believer in joint injections if a horse needs it but of course if I can avoid it without taking away from my horses that is the way I wanted to go. I had a gelding that was being injected every 4 months, when we reached the end of that 4 months he wouldn't use his hind end and his barrel racing times were slower. I did this for 2 years. I began using Tight Joints Plus in February 2012 when we first had it made. That was 14 months ago and I have not injected my gelding since. He is running harder and more consistent than he ever has. I had a 5 year old Stallion that had been in an incident that caused severe inflammation in his hocks. I had been icing and using NSAIDS with no improvement. I decided this was a good test to see if our product really did work. I gave him Tight Joints Plus for two weeks and all the inflammation was completely gone, he has been on TJP since and his hocks have been completely fine. My horses are all running harder and more consistent than they have in a long time now that they are on Tight Joints Plus without having to see the vet for joint issues. We could not be happier or more excited about how much this product is helping so many horses.


I bought this only 1 1/2 weeks ago and my horse is already showing me such great progress! He is an older guy with a bone chip in his knee, he has much more flexibility in the joint and is much smoother when riding him. For the first time in a long time he bolted out of my hand when I was turning him out, which usually would make me angry but I was so excited to see him feel well I didn't even care =0) Thank you Tight Joint PLUS for allowing me to find something so reasonably priced that makes my guy feel so great!

Debbie Stefnik

Barrel Racer

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this product. I have my 19 year old barrel horse on it & what a difference it has made in him. I thought I was going to have to retire him this year because he was having acute swelling in his rear leg and after numerous treatments & time off it still wouldn't go down. I put him on your product & after 3 weeks on it the swelling went down & he's back running like he did a few years ago & has been placing in the 1D. Thank you again for making an affordable product, that works!!

Sierra Bryan


In the beginning of 2012 I started both of my mares that I run on Tight Joints PLUS. I could really see a difference. Both of my mares are running a lot harder and feeling a lot better. Zip On Biankus "Bunny" and I broke the arena record at Featherland Ranch which is one of the most competitive barrel racing arenas in Washington State with a 15.947. Docs Lena Ray "HB" and I have also won rodeos and barrel races while being on Tight Joints PLUS. I strongly recommend Tight Joints PLUS.

Chris Stenslie

Leading Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer

Since I started my horses on Tight Joints PLUS I have seen fewer joint issues in my barn. Tight Joints PLUS has either healed existing or prevented future joint damage in horses that are in training with me. My husband is a vet (Dr Jeff Stenslie, DVM) and he also recommends it after seeing the results of using TJP on my horses. Hollywood Harbor set the world record at 5 ½ the year we introduced Tight Joints PLUS, he was definitely feeling his best to run that fast and I believe Tight Joints PLUS helped with that.

Dr Lutz Harst


I have been an equine veterinarian for over 20 years which includes treating top level performance horses. I recommend Tight Joints PLUS to all of my clients as my preferred joint supplement. You can really see the difference it makes in a horse and my clients love it.

Linzie Walker

WPRA Barrel Racer

Last summer we started using Tight Joints PLUS on my 14 year old gelding "Dude", my 7 year old mare and our 5 year old that had a suspensory injury. With in two weeks of starting Dude on it he was winning WBRA Opens and running mid 17's again. He even wanted to run hot laps to warm up in between double header barrel races... his normal M.O. is to make me feel guilty by acting exhausted if I had to run him twice. My 7 year old started needing hock injections at 5 and hasn't been injected since we started her on TJP and our 5 year old has not had any problems with his leg since his injury. We are very happy with Tight Joints PLUS.